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la Banquise

  • State: Quebec
  • City: Montreal

It's all about the Poutine! Over 20 varieties actually! La Banquise has long been established as one of the best restaurants in Montreal Quebec, to sample this squeaky, salty, creamy, french fry delight. If you are a new-comer to Poutine, shame on your for never having tried it before! For an old-timer, you probably already have a favorite spot to sit in this bustling gem, where you sit and enjoy a cold beer with your cheese curd fries.

Special Features: Open 24 hrs., Cheery Atmosphere, Hip, Poutine!
Reservations: not available

★★★★   $$$$$(under $10)   ♪♪♪♪♪(noise level)

So what is Poutine?

Poutine originated in Quebec, Canada in the 1950s. There are arguments about the exact locale, but all know - it was somewhere in Quebec.

The word “Poutine” means ''fries with cheese and gravy'' - specifically since the mid-late 1970s. It was influenced by the word pouding, or the English word; pudding. Although the cheese-curd atop the fries is original, it seems that the gravy was added later, to keep the fries warm.

Regardless of the birth place of this gooey delight, there are many many variations that have been created over the years, including my favorite; Poutine with Mergeuz sausage - one of many varieties of Poutine dishes offered.

At last count, La Banquise was up to 25 different kinds of poutines on the menu. Non-poutine daily specials are offered and breakfast items are on the menu too but chances are you won't witness much bacon in here unless it's piled on top of a plate of fries with gravy.

On my last visit I was torn between the Poutine with Mergeuz sausage, and the
T-Rex. I went for the T-Rex - ground beef, pepperoni, bacon and smoked sausage, piled on a traditional poutine, it was a biggie. Thank goodness I had a friend to help me polish off the dish.

Dense, heavy, oddly delicious with a trademark smoky aftertaste, La Banquise is always open for business and while too casual for a first date, it's a great place to bring family or meet with friends after (or before) enjoying the Plateau's gorgeous Parc La Fontaine, just across the street. It's also a perfect "casse-croûtes" (snack) destination late at night, after bar hopping in the neighborhood.

994 Rachel East

Montreal, QC




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