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The Trails Neighborhood Eatery

  • State: California
  • City: La Mesa

In 2011, TV chef Robert Irvine (Restaurant Impossible) re-designed and re-launched this La Mesa 'not'-spot. The result: a nicely updated, fresh and bright ambiance. The breaky, lunch, and dinner menus are nicely priced, and the food is very tasty and well worth the visit. Oh, and we mustn't forget that The Trails Eatery also offers a delightful Gluten-free menu, which includes a Gluten-free beer!

Attire: casual

Special Features: bright, friendly staff, gluten-free

Reservations: no

★★★★   $$$$$(under $10)    ♪♪♪♪♪noise level)

Awaiting us at the Trails Neighborhood Eatery was a pleasant warm welcome from the owner,

Stacey, followed by excellent, friendly service and fantastic, quick food! How do I say more?

This is the place to come for a meal when you just don't feel like cooking at home. All of their menu items are straight-to-the-point, and unpretentious. You get exactly what you are expecting as far as appearance, but the preparation is near perfect.

What's the big deal about a near perfect over-easy egg? The big deal is that you can easily compare a greasy diner, old-oil coated over-cooked, over-hard egg, with the freshly cooked, properly prepared over-easy egg from The Trails. There's no contest!

The eggs Benedict are described straight-forwardly, and more scrumptious that expected. It is listed on the menu as having 'ham' instead of 'Canadian Bacon' (the traditional way to prepare this dish). FINALLY! A restaurant that calls it what it is. It's about time everyone starts to realize that 80% of the time a restaurant lists 'Canadian Bacon' it is often not the true 'Peameal' bacon as which they are intending.

TIP: The fasted way to tell if it is true Canadian Bacon (Peameal, sometimes called Cornmeal Bacon), is the cornmeal around the edges, from which the name originated.

One of my orders was the Croissant French Toast with bacon and eggs. Only I can personally make better French toast, but I'm a mother, a foodie, and a little conceited! The Trails' french toast was perfectly battered and cooked, as were the bacon and eggs.

A final mention is to the glorious Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. Look up any foodie review on the internet and you will surely find raves about this mouth-watering morsel. I am not personally a fan of cinnamon rolls, although I do appreciate cinnamon being used properly, and BOY were these delicious!



The Trails Neighborhood Eatery

7389 Jackson Drive

San Diego, CA 92119

(619) 667-2233

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