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The Publican

  • State: Illinois
  • City: Chicago

A vibrant, communal seating atmosphere welcomes you into the open, family restaurant; The Publican. Mouth-water charcuterie, cheeses, and seafood make your mouth water, and meal-choice, difficult. And the selection of beer, are both flavorful and extensive. As many patrons do, I will most definitely return to this restaurant with new and old friends!

Attire: Semi-casual / dressy
Special Features: Contemporary Gourmet, Ambiance, Beer, Service, Foodies.
Reservations: Highly recommended.

★★★★  $$$$$($20-$30)  ♪♪♪♪(noise level)


Oysters, Sweet breads, warm Pork-rinds, Duck Prosciutto, Blood Sausage...OH MY!

Do not depend on your heart medication to save you from these rich, irresistibly artery-clogging dishes! The menu is definitely meat heavy, but their vegetables are granted as much praise for the preparation techniques and freshness as their cured and prepared meats and seafoods.

If you to lean to be a little picky about what you eat, don't let this restaurant scare you. This is definitely a stop that provides choices that are on the adventurous, internationally preparedness side – all excellently prepared. They even have Octopus and Veal Brains. However, you can easily find a plate to please your palate.

Our server was punctual, delightful and very-well versed on cooking methods and the preparation techniques used by Chef Brian Huston. Her explanations were precise and easy to understand, and she was happy to make a meal suggestion based on your general personal preferences.

 If you've never had egg with your french-fries, their Frites with Louis's Eggs is a must try. For a land-loving main course, the Country Ribs are sweet, salty and savory – served with Trumpet Mushrooms and Pomegranates. More of a seafood person? How about the Hamachi Crudo from the Marshall Islands? You've never had fish like this! Hamachi is a type of Tuna that has a higher fat content and is often used in sushi. This dish is skillfully prepared and served with a sweet Persimmons/celery salsa verde. Delectable!

This restaurant is belongs on your 'special occasions' list and should be visited several time each year. It is the “MmmMmmmm Good!” place you'll talk about for hours later.

On a final note I would like to make mention of The Publican's vendors/suppliers...

Since I write for grē, an environmentally aware company, it is important to me, to often try to eat local foods. This restaurant is neither a “hit”, nor a “miss”. Suckling pigs, pig parts, chickens and steer are trucked in fresh daily from within the State of Illinois. Other foods however, are shipped in, such as; Oysters (Canada), Cauliflower (California), and Octopus (Canary Islands). This is not so conducive to those who choose to dine on locally grown, only. For more information on “eating local” go here:

 837 Fulton Market

Chicago, IL 60607


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