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The Tree Room @ Sundance Resort

  • State: Utah
  • City: Park City

As if the resort is not breath-taking enough, the dining experience at The Tree Room is nothing less than spectacular! We all know that excellence comes with a price, and this is no exception. But, don't let that stop you in the slightest! You will be so delighted with your meal, you won't even think twice about the bill. This enchanting dining room and food are 100% worth the dining experience!

Attire: Semi-Elegant
Special Features: Notable wine list, romantic, special occasion, fit for Foodies!
Reservations: Recommended but not needed often in the off season (summer)


★★★★ $$$$$(over $40)    ♪♪♪♪(very quiet)

The ambiance is that of a softly lit, rustic yet elegant, lodge. Adorning the center of the grand dining area is a wonderfully large, tree! Seating is romantic with the elegant high backed chairs, and benches. The warm dark brown leather bench seating is built for comfort, and adorned with cabin-esque patterned pillows.


The food, my goodness, the food! No matter what you order, each plate is displays perfectly prepared, meticulously presented portions. 

You do not have to be a lover of gourmet or international foods to appreciate the Braised Lamb Ravioli starter. I've heard even those not fans of Lamb or Brussels Sprouts find this dish fantastic!


 One of the most popular menu items is the Tree Room Pepper Steak. It is one of the best cuts of beef to be found in the State of Utah, and receives rave reviews from 98% of diners. The other 2%? Well, they are most likely the type to frequent fast food restaurants.

For dessert, here's an idea: 
Chocolate Truffle Cake - served with pistachio ice cream, cherry sauce, and pistachio brittle.

I was fortunate enough to try several of the menu items and can not wait until I visit The Tree Room again. If you are into it, you can arrange a “Tasting Plate”, contingent on chef availability.

The Tree Room has received Utah's Best of State awards for fine dining over the past couple of years, including the overall Best of State Statue (B.O.S.S.) for the overall Best Restaurant in Utah in 2010. The Tree Room also received the Wine Spectator award in 2009.
8841 N. Alpine Loop Rd.
Sundance, UT 84604


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