Html Coding Help




<strong>place bold text between the code</strong>



place <em>italic</em> text between the code

combined bold / italic


<strong><em>place bold / italic text between the code</em></strong>

bigger text   

<big>place bigger text between the code</big>

smaller text   

<small>place bigger text between the code</small>



<p color="red">text here</p> other colors: black, blue, fuchsia, green, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, teal.

header sizes


use header sizes 1-6: <h1>Headers</h1> or <h6>sizes</h6>



<a href="!/grenlist">link text here</a>

new paragraph


<p>this text will be displayed in a new paragraph.</p>

line break


<br />

horizontal dividing line


place the “hr” code at the end to create a dividing line below<hr />

pre-formatted text


By entering the “pre” and “/pre”
at    the   beginning   and   end   of your text...
you can
insert extra spaces    breaks     etc.!



the following will place a bullet in front of each word;
       <li>fish n' chips</li>



the following will place sequential numbers in front of each word;
       <li>fish n' chips</li>

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