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   SAVE THE RAINFOREST!    Every time you send a FREE eCard you save a square foot of Rain Forest!

How grē Contributes


FACT: The U.S. uses 4 million tons of copy paper annually!

We reduce paper waste by using a virtual on-line fax machine, office, documents and emails!

We also do everything on Apple© computers. This saves paper waste, and reduces our carbon footprint!


FACT: 27% of all the driving emissions are produced while we drive to and from work!

Our employees telecommute, and are more than happy working from home in their pajamas!

ALSO: Dow Chemical recorded a 32.5% increase in employee productivity from their telecommuters as opposed to their office employees!

Our Host / Server

FACT: Our server host's shared, and reseller servers are 300% green powered! They produce more power than they use!

Get more information here:

Future Plans


Keeping up to date on new "Green" developments in our country and around the globe will help us maintain our ability to be the best we can be.

We will also join efforts with the Green Business Bureau, a reference site for all to use!


We currently donate 5% of all proceeds to charitable organization(s). In the future we hope to sponser a traveling "Green" Machine that will travel North America, cleaning up the environment, helping those less fortunate, and educating kids and creating kids "green" programs at schools all over!

Our Kids

As you may already know, we do our very best to provide a classifieds and community platform for adults while protecting our online kids.

We take extra security measure on our site, and offer several links to Child Protection information.

Fantastic Resources!

Around the home, and more! has everything cool, from handbags, to bicyles. isn't leaving anything out, with products for your Bed, Bath, Beauty, Office, Decor...and more! also seems to leave very little out. We especially LOVE the SOFT Bamboo Bedsheets! 

Health and Diet offers all types of Market, Pet, and Baby goods.

A super choice for shopping locally is You don't have to be a vegetarian to appreciate the comprehensive list of most of your local health food stores!

Travel and Leisure is our staff's top pick for environmental resources including; World News, Animal Rights, Causes and Charities...just to start!

Lastly, if you haven't heard of yet, GO! It is a jam-packed site of resources. We love the article about Eating Local!


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