What is a grēnlisting?

This is what we call the ads place on grēnlist.com.

It is a reminder that with your help, we are able to contribute to the preservation of our planet!

Please visit our GrēnRoom for more information.




Do I need an account to post an ad?

Yes, but not to view or reply to ads.


This is one of the ways we reduce over-posting and harrasment.


It also enables you to edit, cancel, display and renew your grēnlistings from your account.

 As well as helping us verify your age so that we can protect kids from the possibility of being exposed to inappropriate material.


Opening an account is quick and free - and we only require your basic information.

Don't worry, we don't share any of your personal information with any third parties.

Only your member name and profile are available to other members - but you can block that too!

Open your account here. 



How do I post an ad?

First  sign up for a free account. It's quick and free. Click here to find out why you need an account.


Once that is done, posting is easy.


Simply click on the "Post" button, and the form is easy to fill out!

Here you can enter your ad description and upload your photos!

It's not necessary to include photos, but when you do your ad is 8 times more likely to be seen!

Please read our Policies and Restrictions for ad and photo restrictions.



Ad Duration

All grēnlistings run for 30 days.

You can renew, edit or delete your grēnlisting(s) at any time from "My Account > "My Grēnlistings".

When renewing a grēnlisting, the 30 day duration begins that same day.


If renewing a paid grēnlisting, you will be prompted to enter your payment information at that time.




Uploading Photos

It is completely FREE to upload and edit your photos!

You can insert them into your grēnlistings and your personal profile!


Please see Policies and Restrictions for photo content restrictions.

Home Page Photo-Op!

If you are placing something in the "For Sale" or "Real Estate" categories, your first pic will be seen on the "Just Listed" marquee!  

This is a direct link to your grēnlisting and increases exposure exponentially!

If you choose to not have your photo in “Just Listed” just check the corresponding box when you are placing your ad.



How Many Ads Can I place?

There are currently no restricitons on the number of ads you can place!

We do however ask that each ad is different, and that you do not place multiple cookie-cutter type ads.



Managing Your Ad(s)

If you want to renew, edit, delete or make changes to your grēnlisting(s), you can do so from "My Account > My Grēnlistings". 



Using HTML Coding

Using HTML in your grēnlisting is quite simple.

We've supplied you with a list of commonly used HTML here.



Replying to ads

When viewing a grēnlisting, click on the “reply” button. 

A popup will open allowing you to send a message to that member.

Don't forget to include a way for them to contact you!


Why do you send a confirmation email?

This is to reduces the risk of users abusing and/or over-posting.

Simply click on the link in your email to make your ad live!



I didn't get my confirmation email


It may have went to your spam folder. If it isn't there, you can have it resent.

Simply go to your account and click “resend confirmation” beside the corresponding ad.



Listing Fee(s)

General category grēnlistings are always free to view and post.

To limit over-posting abuse and/or to protect kids from viewing adult content we charge a nominal fee

to post in the following categories;

  • Personals
  • Website Listings  
  • Business Listings
  • Employment Offered; wanted/resumes are free to post.

Additionally: to reduce over-posting in the "Housing" category we charge a fee in the following cities:

  1. Austin, TX
  2. Baltimore, MD
  3. Boston, MA
  4. Bronx, NY
  5. Brooklyn, NY
  6. Calgary, AL Canada
  7. Chicago, IL
  8. Columbus, OH
  9. Dallas, TX
  10. Denver, CO
  11. Detroit, MI
  12. Edmonton, AL Canada
  13. Houston, TX
  14. Indianapolis, IL
  15. Jacksonville, FL
  16. Kansas City, MO
  17. Las Vegas, NV
  18. Los Angelas, CA
  19. Manhattan, NY
  20. Miami, FL
  21. Milwaukee, WI
  22. Montreal, QC Canada
  23. Nashville, TN
  24. New Orleans, LA
  25. New York City, NY
  26. Philadelphia, PA
  27. Phoenix, AZ
  28. Queens, NY
  29. San Antonio, TX
  30. San Diego, CA
  31. San Francisco, CA
  32. San Jose, TX
  33. Seattle, WA
  34. Toronto, ON Canada
  35. Vancouver, BC Canada
  36. Washington, DC


Listing Alerts

You don't have to constantly check our classifieds to find what you want!

Create custom Listing Alerts from your Account!

We'll will email you every-time a new ad meets your criteria!

Looking for a house? Enter the location and number of bedrooms...

Looking for a date? Enter their attributes (smart, brunette etc.)...


Even find Garage Sales in your area when they are listed!


TIP: Set your mobile device to accept emails, then you will be alerted INSTANTLY! :)



Paying with Bitcoin

If you are new to bitcoins, it may see a little tricky at first.

Be sure to read all the information provided here, to understand more.




How Do I Become "Verified"?

A Star beside your name & ad(s) shows everyone you're a VERIFIED REAL PERSON! :)

1. Post a paid ad (Personals, Housing, Employment etc.). *

2. Scan your driver's license and email it to: verifyme@grenlist.com

3. Include a link to the current grenlisting you just posted.


Once your info is verified, you will become a Verified Grenlister and a "Star" will appear beside your ad(s) and your profile!

Please be sure that your account name and address match your driver's license. Don't worry, that info is not shared with ANYONE else!


*We ask for you to post a 'paid' ad to help cover administrative costs, and so that we are able to donate funds to valuable organizations.


Get Verified FOR FREE!

If you post on another website, you can get verified for FREE! when you insert a link back to your grenlisting!

1. Post your paid ad (Personals, Housing, Employment etc.).*

2. Put your grenlisting link in your other ad(s) on the other site(s) you advertise.

3. Scan your driver's license and email it to: verifyme@grenlist.com

4. Be sure to send us a link to the ad on the other website, where you put the link back.


Please be sure that your account name and address match your driver's license. Don't worry, that info is not shared with ANYONE else!


What are "Plucked Ads"?

We don't always delete your ad when a member 'flags' it.

If prohibited content is in your listing, another member may try to "Pluck it".

But don't worry...UNLIKE other classified sites, it takes 3 seperate members to "Pluck it", before it can be removed.

And even then, your ad will be seen in the "Plucked Ads" section (as long as it does not breaking any laws)!


Ads you could see:

Rent my wife to clean your house” or “Truck full of mud for sale from previous slide”

Ads you won't see:

Anything illegal that breaks local, state, or federal laws.

The “Plucked Ads” area is for entertainment purposes only, that is unless you have a need to buy mud?




Is YOUR listing safe from being Plucked?

More so than with most other classified sites!

Our process slows and deters a lot of harassment that can occur when members get carried away.

In order to delete ads, you must have a valid account with us. This allows us to send you a link that must be clicked on in order to Pluck the grēnlisting.

Once the ad is removed, is it kept on our "Plucked Ads" section for 30 days.

This is an area that can be a funny, but is definitely for adults only!

You must validate your age by creating an account so that you can log in to view Plucked Ads. View at your own risk!



What is “18+”?

18+ indicates that only adults are permitted to enter that area.

We do not allow illegal material ANYWHERE in our community, but there may be circumstances where a grēnlisting may contain content not suitable for all viewers.*

We encourage freedom of speech, but we are also responsible in upholding the law, and regulating material for legal and safety reasons.

Please see our Terms and Conditions.


*We do NOT permit any type of pornographic or illegal material on our site!



Changing My Personal Information

To change your email address or other personal information, simply visit "My Account" and click on "Profile" to make changes.



Payment Methods

We accept Visa and MasterCard payments through a secure server as well as Paypal.


Paypal can not be used for 18+ categories.

At this time, we do NOT save any of your personal payment information.



“Just Listed”

Most "For Sale" listings are visible from our Home Page!

This means TONNES of added exposure for you!

The first photo you upload to your ad, will be the one displayed in the Just Listed scrolling marquee, with a link back to your grēnlisting !


If you wish to not have your ad listed on the Home Page, simply click the corresponding box when filling out your ad information.



Do you share my information?

Absolute not! Not with anyone! We don't even use your email address for our own mailing list.



Can I get a refund?

Sorry, not usually. So, please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions before placing an ad.


If we feel that you have violated any of our terms, we will remove the offending content from your ad.

If it is reported my other members, recurringly, your ad could be removed permanently.



My item sold, now what?

We recommend taking precautions when selling items and/or services.

  • Make sure you meet the seller/buyer in a safe location, during daylight hours.
  • Never give out personal information or make payments for an item you have not yet received.

Because we are not an auction site, we do not take any responsibility, or offer any type of purchase protection for the selling/buying of any goods or services.

We do not make any purchase guarantees through grēnlist.com.

Learn how to protect yourself from fraud: http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/Internet_Fraud.shtml



Being “Green”

We have been environmentally concerned and a contributor to causes from the get-go!

We didn't do it to keep up with the times!

= = It was actually one of the main reasons our CEO developed the site. ;)


We began by choosing a Internet Hosting Company that believes in being “Green”. They even produce more electricity than they use!

There are several ways we are a “Green” company. Please visit our GrēnRoom for more information.



Why doesn't the "Search" work?

The search field at the top of the page works, but we have taken extra precautions to protect kids from material they should not view.


When a term/word is entered in the search field most of grēnlist is searched.

If a State and/or City is chosen, it will search only that location.


The areas that will NOT be searched are the 18+ ADULTS ONLY areas.

To search these areas, you much be in that specific category...

    ...and of course, to get there, you must sign up so that we can verify your age!


We take protecting kids online, very seriously!





Warranties and Guarantees

Our members are independent advertisers.

Grēnlist.com does not endorse any ads, nor do we collect any fee or offer any warranties or guarantees on services or products mentioned on our site by its members.

Please use at your own risk and discretion and be sure to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

We do however want you to be protected from fraud, and we do our best to make this site useful as well as safe.

For more information on how to protect yourself from Internet fraud, please visit: http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/Internet_Fraud.shtml

Fraud and Scammers

Think before you act! Here are some tips to avoid scammers; 

  • Deal only with people you can meet in person.
  • Do NOT WIRE FUNDS TO ANYONE! Only scammers will ask you to do this.
  • Remember, we don't offer buyer protection. All transactions take place between the buyer and seller. We would never contact you regarding your item/service. If someone does, they are scamming you!
  • Fake checks and money orders are very common. Choose carefully, the payment you accept.
  • NEVER give out personal information such as Social Security Number, Bank account number, Paypal info. etc.
  • Never pay without first receiving the service or the merchandise.
  • DO meet landlords/Employers in person before providing your information for a background check.

HAVE YOU BEEN SCAMMED? Helpful contact information;

United States: 

Ohio residents:




What forums do you have?

  • Member Reviews
  • Alt. Lifestyles
  • Anime
  • Addictions
  • Arts
  • Atheism / Agnostic
  • Births (New Baby)
  • Cars n' Trucks
  • Celebrations
  • Celebrities / A-Listers
  • Computers / Internet
  • Crafts
  • Culturally Correct
  • Environmental
  • Evolution
  • Film
  • Finance
  • Fishing
  • Gaming
  • Gorge & Divine - Beauty & Design
  • Granola / Vegans
  • Health / Diet / Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Humor
  • Member Reviews
  • Mensa
  • Military
  • Motorcycles
  • Obituaries / Mourning
  • Outdoorsy Stuff
  • Pets
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Rants / Pet Peeves
  • Retirees
  • Scienctology
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel / Adventure
  • TV / Telly
  • Wine / Beer / Coffee
  • Writing / Poetry

Visit our forums section: In My Opinion to see all of our Forums.



How Do I Search Forums?

If you are searching for a specific topic, or member review, please use the magnifying glass 'search' at the top left of the forum.

This is different from the grenlist search field.


Creating a Forum User Name

Forum usernames may consist of any letters, numbers, periods, or underscores and must be between 5 and 12 characters long.

Please refrain from using fowl or obscene words as a part of your user name, or your account WILL be deleted.



Changing My User Name

At this time, you are unable to change your username.

Unfortunately some users try to abuse the system with multiple posts etc.

Because of this we must restrict your account to a single user name in order to protect our users and keep our site safe for all!



Creating My Own Forum

You are able to create your own thread, but not your own forum.



Forum Terms and Restrictions

  • No copyrighted material is allowed.
  • Do not post any message or other material that violates or infringes the rights of any other party.
  • Do not post or transmit any material that is abusive, hateful, racist, bigoted, sexist, harassing, threatening, inflammatory, defamatory, knowingly false, vulgar, obscene, sexually-oriented, profane or is otherwise in violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation.
  • Do not use grēnlist forums for commercial purposes. We have listings for those type of ads.
  • You will NOT post any software or computer files that contain a virus, worm or other disruptive or harmful component.

PLEASE see full list of our Forum Terms and Restrictions listed in our Terms and Conditions.



About Foodie Duty

Grēnlist.com has a critic on staff!

We often review restaurants across the United States and Canada.

If you are looking for something in your town, simply visit the Foodie Duty category and type in key phrases to perform a search!

These reviews are performed by an experience food connoisseur but are for entertainment purposes only.
There is no guarantee that every patron will have the same experience as our critic.


Business / Website Listings

We welcome  Business, and/or Website Advertisers!

We charge a small $10 fee for a 30 day listing.

This helps reduce abuse and over posting but most importantly; contributes to environmental causes!


You can advertise any business you own, as long as it does not contain any of our prohibited items such as;

Adult materials, firearms, alcohol, nicotine or drug related products, copyrighted material you do not have the rights to, etc.

Please read our Terms and Conditions thoroughly before posting.



What is the Fair Housing Act?

This is a United States federal law that prohibits discrimination in all facets of the home buying / renting process on the basis of;

Race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.

Grēnlist.com is proud to support the Fair Housing Act. http://www.justice.gov/crt/housing/title8.php



No Photos in “Restaurant Reviews"?

For now.

We ban photos from this category to help prevent restaurant owners from posting their own reviews.

There is a specific categories for business and website owners to advertise.



What type of clothing can I sell?

Both new and used articles of clothing may be sold.

Soiled or dirty clothes are NEVER permitted for sale on the site.







Special Events


The Grenlist Events Staff is hitting the road!


All across North America we love to partay! - Okay, dorky?

None-the-less, we invite you to join us on any of our amazing events (hosted and publicized in your town).


All events are free, but donations in any amount are welcome and donated to support great causes!


For information on an event near you, please contact events@grenlist.com


Some events in the works:

Dophin Day - Free event for kids - Tampa, FL

Walk-For-Wheels - Fundraiser for people in need of wheelchairs/prosthetics - Jacksonville, FL

Snowed-In-Slumber - Mock sleepover party for children - Proceeds benefit Sick Kids - Newark, NJ

Love Connection - Dating fun for Singles - Toronto, ON











Ad Policies and Restrictions

Grēnlist.com users remain responsible for complying with all applicable laws, regulations or restrictions on items, services, or manner of sale, payment or exchange, that may apply to transactions in which they participate.


We encourage you to research the applicable laws and regulations that may apply to your transaction.


This is a partial list of items and/or services which is not permitted on grēnlist.com.

Please also see our full Terms and Conditions for more information.



  • Controlled substances or illegal drugs, substances and items used to manufacture controlled substances and/or drug paraphernalia.
  • Obscene material or child pornography
  • Offer or solicitation of illegal prostitution.
  • Weapons and related items, including but not limited to firearms, undetectable or switchblade knives, martial arts weapons, scopes, ammunition magazines, BB guns, tear gas or stun guns.
  • Items issued to United States Armed Forces that have not been disposed of in accordance with the Department of Defense demilitarization policies.
  • Alcohol or tobacco products 
  • Prescription drugs and medical devices, including but not limited to; prescription or contact lenses, defibrillators, hypodermic needles or hearing aids.
  • Nonprescription drugs that make false or misleading treatment claims or treatment claims that
require FDA approval.
  • Blood, bodily fluids or body parts
  • Embargo – services that appear to facilitate the sale of goods from, with, or to countries,
organizations, businesses or persons with whom the U.S. law has regulated trade. http://www.bis.doc.gov/policiesandregulations/05forpolcontrols/chap5_embargo.htm
  • Endangered species of any kind, for sale or other.
  • Selling household pets of any kind. A "re-homing" fee is permissible.
  • Animal parts or fluids, including but not limited to; breeding services.
  • Restricted or regulated plants and insects, including but not limited to; noxious weeds, endangered plant species, or live insects or pests.
  • Pesticides, hazardous substances, or items containing hazardous substances including but not limited to; contaminated toys, or materials containing toxic substances without a warning label. 
  • Illegal telecommunications equipment, including but not limited to access cards, password sniffers, access card programmers and/or cable descramblers.
  • Stolen property, or property with serial number removed or altered.
  • Fake I.D. cards, items with police insignia, citizenship documents, or birth certificates.
  • Counterfeit currency, coins and stamps, tickets, as well as equipment designed to make them.
  • Fake, replica, or knock-off brand name or Trademarked goods and/or material that infringes on any copyright laws without the direct consent of the brand/owner.
  • Airline tickets that restrict transfer, and tickets of any kind which you are not authorized to sell.
  • Coupons or gift cards that restrict transfer, and coupons or gift cards which you are not authorized
 to sell.
  • Gambling items, including but not limited to; lottery tickets, sports trading card 'grab bags', raffle
 tickets, sweepstakes entries or illegal slot machines.
  • Used or rebuilt batteries, or batteries containing mercury.
  • Used bedding and clothing, unless sanitized in accordance with law. 
- Non-packaged food items or adulterated food.
  • Bulk email or mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personal
 identifying information.


Spam Policy

Grenlist Inc. is absolutely against SPAM!


From day one we have placed our focus on creating a solid company that respects the privacy needs of our members,

and aids in environmental and child protection!


All phone numbers and email addresses we use are provided by marketing companies who offer ONLY double-opt-in lists!
This means if you were in fact contacted by us, ANOTHER company is sharing your information!


Types of companies currently sharing personal information;

major classifieds websites, online auction/shopping sites, fake number phone apps. etc.

Be sure to read all terms and conditions before providing information to ANY company.


Grenlist Inc. NEVER shares any of your personal information - with anyone - EVER!


We were created using consumer feedback, and our members are always a top priority!



- - - just more ways we provide a superior site :)


















•●☆●• POST & WIN! •●☆●•


Win a FULL YEAR of FREE LISTINGS (Value over $1800! USD)


Every time you post a new* grenlisting you are entered into our monthly draw.

The more ads you place, the more chances you will have of winning!


Winners are selected on the 1st day of each month, at 12 noon (-05:00GMT)


Congrats to our August 2017 Winner: Member; jerrytom38!




*Each ad must be original. No duplicates or existing ad moved to the top of the listiings will to be entered into the draw.
**Being "Verified" does NOT increase your chance of winning.












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